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Kemer, on the attractive Turkish Riviera has become a popular holiday destination in a very short time. It has numerous tourist villages adequately equipped for holidays but it has lost some of its Oriental Turkish atmosphere that at one time gave it character.Kemer has a splendid situation in an half-moon bay facing the Mediterranean with the pine-forested Taurus mauntain chain (bay dagları)as a back drop.
The streets of Kemer are dotted with high palm trees, cafes, carpet dealers and work shops making leather goods. it is crowded with streets sellers with all kinds of wares, from sesame buns, fresh or dried fruit to any kind of cigarettes.
A thirty-minute bus ride from kemer brings you to ancient Olympus, Lycian city where Mithras,the god of fire, was worshiped.
The city, founded around the second century B.C, is wellworth visit, not only to see its scanty ruins, but for its fantastic position on the sea. It has a sandy beach along both banks of a river hemmed in by rocks which leads straight down to the sea. in the past it was used as a refuge by pirates.
The torrential river dries up in the summer but at other times it is used to clean the locally made carpets.
A monumental portal and a small theatre curiously covered by fig-trees, cacti and greenery are all that survive of olympus’s glorious ancient history. A mule track up the mountainside leads to the chimaera, a large rock that juts out from the mountain where a perpetual fire endlessly burns. The site recalls HOMERS mythological narrative of Bellerophon and Pegasus, the winged horse.
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