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Kekova is an island on which there is much to see. It is long and thin and toungue-like,spanning the translucentcy. It is a quiet, restfull paradise with plenty of creeks and bays. No other place is quiet like it. Everywhere Roman and Byzantine friezes, fragments of statuary, ruins of churches and walls, and the remains of Lycian tombs can be seen underwater and an extraordinary spectacle of submerged archaeology. Only a few people live on the island, most of them fishermen but they are friendly and will, for a small sum,guide you round the island. Do not miss tasting delicious fresh fish cooked on an open fire and enjoying the wonderful flavours of fire and sea.
There is a village on the island of Kekova dominated by a byzantine fortress called Kaleköy, built on the site of ancient simena. The small settlement of Karaloz and the bay of tristomo, where there are ruins of a byzantine church can also be seen. There is a necropolis with tombs constructed like the hulls of upturned boats at Teimiussa by the modern village of üçağız.
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