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Knidos had a glorious past but the ruins that can be seen today bear no trace of its former splendor. However the bleak landscape and its position on the tip of the peninsula between two bays make it a wild but enchanting spot. Knidos was in existence by the seventh century B.C and was inhabitant by a colony of Spartans who traded with neighbouring countries by sea.The city then colonized the lipari islands and became part of the Dorian confederation until it changed allegiance and formed an alliance with the Persians against Athens.
Knidos fathered some illustrious citizens such as Eudoxus,the mathematician,who was plato’s pupil and assistant,or Ctesias,the doctor and geographer who lived at the Persian court, or sostratus who designed the Pharos, the great lighthouse of Alexandria in Egypt. A school of medicine was established there in the fifth century B.C., the oldest Hellenistic school of this nature. The inhabitants of Knidos worshipped Aphrodite, goddess of love and the sea, and Demeter, the goddess of fertility. Praxiteles sculpted a nude statue of Aphrodite and pliny described it as the most beautiful statue in the world. The statue was placed on the altar in the circular temple of Aphrodite so that it could even be seen from the sea. Unfortunately there are no longer any traces of the temple. Parts of the Hellenic walls of Acropolis are visible as are parts of theatre by the port.it was originally greek, but modifiedby the Romans and the surviving areas are well preserved. Only a few stones are left of the fortifications.
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