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The harbor town of Fethiye, the land of lights which is the most beautiful wonders in the world with its cultural wealth, natural beauties and geography is located on the Lycian and Carian border and was called Telmessos in ancient times. The city was very prominent and a centre of prophecy, pledged to Apollon. That the city life was rich and highly cultured during the Hellenistic and Roman periods is evident from the existing monuments. Today the majority of ancient ruins in Telmessos are rock-tombs, Lycian-type sarcophagi, the fortress and the Roman Theatre.

Due to its history lying ancient times Fethiye reserves many architectural preservations. Some samples are : Castle of Fethiye, Museum of Fethiye, Telmessos Amphi Theatre, Algerian Mosque, Lycian Rock Tombs, and archaic cities like Letoon, Pynara, Cadianda and Tlos.

Fethiye offers many many different activities for adrenaline bugs. Baling out from Babadağ, which is 1975 mt. high form the land, and having the breathtaking view, is a moment of a lifetime. Although, there are many centrical places in Fethiye for scuba diving. Its squeaky clean shores are quite available for under water photographers. Göcek and especially the nearby islands are very favorable. Another popular activity is trekking groups that are organized daily or weekly. Along these short trips you may have the chance of getting know about the country side of the region and its flora and culture. Also hiking and horse riding around Toros Mountains is another option. Also the Blue Lagoon, Kelebekler Vadisi, Saklıkent, Yakapark ,Göcek, 12 Adalar, Çalış Beach are some of the places visitors must see.

Bale out, trekking, hiking in the canyon, jeep trips, horse riding, scuba diving, parasailing, all kind of water sports are available activities in Fethiye.

When you go to Fethiye don't forget to trace local markets such as Fethiye and Paspatur Bazaar where the hand made products are sold. After getting to know a little bit how about spending your next vacation in Fethiye? We suggest you to check out our hostels, boutique hotels and hotels which are suitable for every taste and at every rate.

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